"Cat Raid" for iPhone

Defend the Earth from the attack of huge cats from outer space!

Bounce the flying cats by using a trampoline.

■How to play

Use the big trampoline, bounce the flying cats!
The cats will fall asleep as soon as they reach the ground.
Tilt your iPhone to move the trampoline.
The cats' flying speed will get faster and faster.
Make a combo to turn several cats back to space at once.
You can get 10 times score by 5 combos!

If the ground gets occupied with too many cats, the game will be over.
The screen will flash red when your planet is in danger.
The cat gauge will be reduced depending on your score.
When the gauge becomes zero, the cats will withdraw and attack another area.
Defend the next area in a hurry! After saving 4 areas, you must fight in space! trampoline

  CatRaid screenShot   CatRaid screenShot   CatRaid screenShot



Catch the falling items in bubbles.

  • Foxtail: The cats rally around 
  • Catnip: Slow down the speed of the cats (またたび)
  • Butterfly: Attracts the cats and takes them somewhere
  • Fish: All the cats pursue the Fish Rocket and goes back to space





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